We believe that Travel Retail is a powerful channel for a consumer brand, with so many potential customers and staff experiencing your products on a prime location.


You just have to manage your performance.


And since that is exactly the bottleneck for many brands, PinkReport is here to serve. We are your one-stop-shop to get centralized control, whilst empowering local operations.

For whom?

You are working in travel retail and looking for a way to improve store performance.

Maybe you are an area manager with a platinum status at 3 european airlines, wishing to be home a few more nights a week.

Or you are head of travel retail, desperately looking for more control over your business performance without spending an outrageous amount of money.

You can also be the one responsible for the promotions within airports and you don’t know if the materials are being placed.

Or you are sales manager at a retailer and you are looking for more involvement from the brands on a local level.


The Pink Performance Cycle

With the PinkApp, containing your specific research questions, the PinkReport team visits your locations. We interview the shop manager and take pictures to visualize the local situation. We engage and instruct the shop team, making sure they understand your brand philosophy and sales techniques.
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PinkReport analyses all the data from the Visit, and makes it visible through a dashboard: the PinkBrain. At a glance, you will get insight into the performance of your POS. It will provide a qualitative and quantitative root cause analysis of the successes and, more importantly, the challenges the point of sale is facing.
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Having all the Insights we need to perform better, we only have to start acting. Put your money where your mouth is: you have seen what’s going on, conclusions have been taken, now let’s translate these insights into actions.
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Already from the start, but even more after a few months, you will see the Results of the effort we are all putting in your points of sale. Turnover will increase, costs will decrease. Your POS becomes more profitable!
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Steven (head of travel retail, skincare brand): “We have so many points of sale, it is great to have PinkReport visiting almost all of them on a regular basis. It gives us time to focus on the bigger picture and build our brand in a successful and controlled way. We have seen the positive effect of having someone on location to see what is actually going on”.

Alex (operations manager, retailer for international travel market): “We always welcome PinkReport because we like to be challenged to become a better retailer. Also it means the brands are more involved by our outlets and we can clearly see the difference in store appearance and, of course, turnover. I often get very positive feedback from our shop managers. They enjoy the visits and are happy with the respectful approach and the extra attention from the Pink team”.


What could you save?

Because we work with subscriptions for multiple brands and we combine visits, we achieve economies of scale. This way, we can offer our services at lower cost than when you would execute performance management yourself.

To give you an idea: a visit by PinkReport may cost 250 EUR. If you normally have your own staff traveling around, you need to pay tickets, hotels, expenses and, of course, their salary, including employer fees. Our experience shows, on average, this costs 650 EUR. This means you could save 400 EUR on a visit.

To obtain optimal and long-term effects, we periodically visit your sites. Taking the above example; if we do this for 50 sites, with an average of 6 visits per year, you may save 120.000 EUR. Besides this cost reduction, you will also experience an uplift in turnover which means a double effect on your profitability.


About us

We are Travel Retail professionals, passionate about the business and we have a broad and extensive experience. On site you meet our PinkTeam, specially trained per brand to perform the visits in the best possible way. We are currently based in Amsterdam, with Marietje de Savornin Lohman as founder and managing director.

When interacting with us, you will find we are: service minded, commercial, respectful, energetic, accurate and personal.

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